Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Welcome to Vintage 3Rensho Love

I've been a fan of Japanese bikes since the 70's.

My first road bike was a C. Itoh purchased at a department store.. Over the years I've owned numerous Japanese bikes.. Without a doubt my favorite is 3Rensho. I'm lucky enough to own two 3Renshos. I have a Katana road bike and a track frame.

My purpose with this blog is to show appreciation for the marque. I promise to keep the words to a minimum and offer plenty of photos..

If any reader wants me to include their 3Rensho on this blog, please contact me..I'll be happy to show off your ride.

I promise to include road, track, Keirin, and time trial bike pics in the "3Rensho of the Day" feature

I hope you enjoy

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