Saturday, January 22, 2011

Specialized Allez- 3Rensho built

How to tell if your Specialized Allez was built by 3Rensho?  The first two pictures look similar but if you look closely at the details, you will see a difference between the two. The final three pictures will show you the difference between a Konno built Allez vs a standard Allez


  1. I have a Allez 3Rensho too. Love it

  2. What is the seatpost size on a Konno built Allez?

  3. Mine is a 26.8.

    Thanks to an Ebay auction for an Allez/Rensho I was lead here. I heard of the relationship all the way since our team was supplied with Allez's that were so early in the production process that they didn't even have frame decals. We were supplied art and had them made locally.

    The ultra marathoner Lon Haldeman brokered the deal for us. At least one of his transcontinental records was sponsored by Specialized. Still even have the poster where he's holding the bike over his head while standing on the edge of the Pacific Ocean.

    Best part is we raced the Specialized's for a couple seasons and then I switched to a black Rensho Katana form the Yellow Jersey in Madison WI. Best bike ever.... and today it's hanging in the basement right next to its sibling red Specialized.